Witch's Workshop: Open For Business It's magical match-3 madness!

About the Game

It's a mystical land of fairies and dragons, witches and wizards, indentured servants and old ladies who need dentures. Yes, that's right. Even in this enchanted place, the peasant folk have their troubles and are looking for a cure!
Luckily for them, there's the Witch's Workshop - a one stop shop for cure-all potions of all shapes and sizes. Annie's Aunt Gwendolyn had been running this shop for years until she mysteriously vanished while working on a potion to cure spontaneous invisibility.
The townsfolk are lost without Gwendolyn and need their potions, so it's up to Annie to take up her Aunt's broom, learn the ancient art of potion making and get the Witch's Workshop back up and running.
With the help of her Aunt's trusty pet, Dragonfire, some eye of newt, and a little luck, Annie will be casting a spell over EverGlenn in no time in Witch's Workshop: Open for Business.


  • Unlimited matching and time management game play to exercise and entertain your brain
  • Instant gratification from satisfying customers, just like in the real world of retail! 
  • Gold for you to buy fantastic new items and upgrades
  • Free fun! Seriously. It’s free
  • New pets, which are guaranteed to be hypoallergenic